Do You Know The Story of Thieves®* Oil?

Some call it “Thieves®* oil; others call it “Robber’s Blend”. Whatever the name, they all have a similar origin. One legend has it that in the 14th century during the Black Plague, former spice merchants turned thieves, robbed the afflicted, yet avoided catching the plague themselves because of the herbs and spices they wore on and around their bodies. In exchange for an untimely death at the stake, the robbers agreed to share their concoctions. Spoiler alert—they were sentenced to death anyway

These herbs and spices have since been formulated into various antimicrobial blends used for fighting off infections. In fact, “Thieves®”* has almost become something of a generic term to describe any type of antibacterial, immune- boosting blend of essential oils

“Since first coming across the legend nearly a decade ago, Magpieshines has been recombining essential oils from this timeless recipe to formulate our proprietary blend of 5 classic oils into sprays, soaps, body oils, face oils and diffuser oils. Come explore, “The Fool”, “The Magician”, “The Star”, “The Seven of Swords”, “The World”, and “The Lovers”

The name “Thieves” is actually a registered trademark of Young Living Essential Oils, LLC, but there are similar versions sold by other brands. Magpieshines is not affiliated with Young Living Essential Oils, LLC